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Classic and modern styling. Volumize, tame or revamp your style. Student discount Tues - Thurs with selected stylists. Colour Bespoke colours, tailoured to you. Aveda full spectrum available. Skin test may be required. Student discount Tues - Thurs with selected stylists. Price on consultation. Treatments Gloss - Aveda Smooth Infusion Defrizz and add shine Blow dry straight for full effect Volumize - Aveda Pure Abundance Add body and strength to fine hair Blow dry big for added drama! Repair - Damage Remedy Restore dry or chemically damaged hair Blow dry smooth for a soft finish Extensions Balmian 'Double Hair' bonded extensions. Price on consultation. Clip in hair pieces available for hire or to buy. Superior quality and ethically sourced hair. Deposit required. Price on consultation. Evening Immaculate styling for proms & parties. Hair pieces available for hire. Hair, make-up & nail packages available, including Minx nails. Deposit required. Price on consultation. Bridlal In salon, at home or at your wedding venue. Full hair & beauty packages - trial session included. Hairpieces available for hire. Complimentary consultation. Beauty Minx nail veneers Manicures Pedicures Eyebrow shaping Make-up Price list available on request Salon 17a Hair and Beauty is a well established Aveda salon located in the heart of medieval Coventry. Our experienced and dedicated team of stylists invite you to experience our spacious salon with dedicated colour lounge and nail bar. Complimentary consultations, prices on request. Open Tuesday to Saturday, late night and early appointments available. Retail Visit 17a Hair and Beauty for the latest professional haircare products. Our stylists are here to help you achieve the look you want, and offer you a customized hair regime. Aveda 17a Hair and Beauty is proud to stock the full range of Aveda haircare. Aveda's high performance, botanically based products, give you a fashion forward look while still supporting eco-friendly practices. Bumble and bumble 17a Hair and Beauty are proud to be bringing one of the world's most desirable haircare brands, Bumble and bumble, to Coventry. Loved by top session stylists and celebrities alike, and famous for originating fantastic products, Bumble and bumble feature regularly in the beauty press. ghd 17a Hair and Beauty stocks the complete range of ghd stylers and thermal styling protectors. 2 year guarantee New rounder barrel Sleep mode Universal voltage Unique digital technology Gift sets available Contact us for special ghd offers Cloud Nine Founded by the the designer behind ghd, Cloud 9 is revolutionizing the hairdressing world. Using state of the art technology, Cloud 9, has developed irons that use digital temperature controls, allowing you to create many looks, without using searing heat. The latest innovation from Cloud 9 is TheO, heated velcro rollers, making voluminous hair a cinch for you to achieve. Cloud 9 standard iron Cloud 9 wide iron Cloud 9 micro iron TheO pod TheO rollers TheO amplify spray £129 £129 £45 £149 from £14.95 £12.95 Summer '10 £20 Off ghd Receive £20 off when you purchase any pair of ghd styling irons. This exclusive 17a offer is available from 1st July to 1st September 2010. Minx Pedicures This Summer, why not visit our nail bar and have a full set of Minx nail veneers for only £20! Minx nails are the perfect way to accessorise your feet this Summer. They are a celebrity favourite, from Katy Perry to Beyonce and can last up to 4 weeks! Bumble and bumble 17a Hair and Beauty are proud to be bringing one of the world's most desirable haircare brands, Bumble and bumble, to Coventry. Loved by top session stylists and celebrities alike, and famous for originating fantastic products, Bumble and bumble feature regularly in the beauty press. Summer Essentials from Bumble and bumble Surf Spray Creme de Coco Shampoo Creme de Coco Conditioner Hair Powder Brilliantine £18.00 £17.00 £18.00 £27.50 £16.00 Aveda Suncare This Summer, protect your hair from the sun with Aveda's trio of suncare products. After sun hair and body cleanser Maintains moisture, removes chlorine, salt and product. £13.50 After sun hair treatment masque Restore, repair and protect your hair against damaging efforts of the sun. £16.00 Suncare Protective Hair Veil Water resistant UV defensive mist. £17.00 The O by Cloud Nine The O from Cloud Nine is a ground breaking innovation in professional styling. It heats the O rollers up in less than 4 seconds, and thanks to the unique induction heating system, they heat from the core, so they're hot in the hair, not hot in the hand. Once they have reached the maximum temperature of 130 degrees Farenheit, the rollers begin to cool, giving fantastic hold, definition and shine. Available from the 6th of July. The O Pod The O Roller (4 pack) The O Amplify Spray £149.99 from £14.95 £12.95 .